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Save Next Generation is a program of the Crisis Rescue Foundation that was initiated in 2016 with the motivation of helping the underprivileged children living in our society.

Our core Team has a high spirit and dedication to carry on the initiative of the organization and has a great love for children.

At our orphanage, there are a number of boys and girls who are taken care of and provided with the necessities of life. We aim high for our less privileged kids and try to do everything to contribute in their upliftment.

We are always working hard to provide good food, better shelter & study for the children who are deprived of a good life. Our organization also takes in poor and unidentified children who are passed on to us by various social workers and police departments.

We also offer students and businessmen to take their time and energy off from their usual life and do their share of contribution to this noble cause. The students and tradesmen form groups and give their services to the organization.

There are a number of corporate organizations that are also associated at times, to make their contribution in making our society a better place to be.


Our insight is to uplift the less privileged children, children of exploited mother’s, those who are deprived of basic necessities of life and those who have lost identities. We aim at giving them enlightenment.


India is home to almost 385 million children who are living in extreme poverty. The statistics are so concerning that everyone has to take an initiative to eliminate poverty and save these children.






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