Celebrate Friendship Day

“Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilisation, no society, no future.”

There are infinite reasons, many occasions people do celebrate. The friendship day is one such celebrating day people follow to share the happiness for meeting together. Let this day be a special sign which could bring a smile on thousands of orphans, make new friendship bond with them. Make a difference by celebrating this day with our children.

  •    Breakfast Rs. 2500/-
  •    Vegetarian Meals Rs. 5000/-
  •    Non-Vegetarian Meals Rs. 6000/-
  •    Full day Food Rs. 10000/- (One Breakfast, one Veg. and One Non-Veg Meals)

  •    Note - this is for 50 Children per day, every pack is included with admin cost.
  •    Cakes are extra on Request
  •    We don’t allow out side cooked food

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