Celebrate Memorial Day

“Without memory, there is no culture. Without memory, there would be no civilisation, no society, no future.”

There are many great personalities who have left morals for a better life, guiding us with their life path which inspires us to live a life making a difference. We all celebrate many days in their memorial, if you could do the same celebration through practicing the value taught by those personalities by being with our orphan children, indeed it brings a better value for the celebration. We request you to celebrate the memorial days of greatest personalities and your loved ones with our orphan children and be the reason for happiness on their face and also inspire them to live an inspiring life.

  •    Breakfast Rs. 2500/-
  •    Vegetarian Meals Rs. 5000/-
  •    Non-Vegetarian Meals Rs. 6000/-
  •    Full day Food Rs. 10000/- (One Breakfast, one Veg. and One Non-Veg Meals)

  •    Note - this is for 50 Children per day, every pack is included with admin cost.
  •    Cakes are extra on Request
  •    We don’t allow out side cooked food

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